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I am John Gosling, a Game Developer in Chicago with many hats: Designer, artist, coder, manager, businessman… whatever it takes to get the job done!

I founded Level Zero Games to create original games, built upon solid and novel mechanics, with rich and vibrant aesthetics. LZG has created many student projects when we first started, and has grown into an established name with a line of products.

Most recently, I launched our flagship title, “Net Gain: Corporate¬†Espionage“,¬† a cyberpunk strategy game about running a network of spies for a powerful corporation, committing acts of espionage to destroy your competition and dominate the market.

In August 2012, I launched “Net Gain: Stories“, an interactive fiction game for android phones, available for free on Google Play.

In August of 2011, I premiered “Node” at Gen Con, our competitive hacking card game, where 2-4 hackers vie for control of a server in a tense (but easy to learn) tug-of-war.