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I am John Gosling, a Game Developer in Chicago with many hats: Designer, artist, coder, manager, businessman… whatever it takes to get the job done!

I founded Level Zero Games to create original games, built upon solid and novel mechanics, with rich and vibrant aesthetics. Most recently, I launched our flagship title, “Net Gain: Corporate Espionage“,  a cyberpunk strategy game about running a network of spies for a powerful corporation, committing acts of espionage to destroy your competition and dominate the market.

In August 2012, I launched “Net Gain: Stories“, an interactive fiction game for android phones, available for free on Google Play.

In August of 2011, I premiered “Node” at Gen Con, our competitive hacking card game, where 2-4 hackers vie for control of a server in a tense (but easy to learn) tug-of-war.

Review my other projects, or my resume.